10/31 JOAD Club

Hi JOAD Families

For anyone that is interested in archery instead of trick or treating I am open to having a PM JOAD shoot on Wednesday 10/31.

We will shoot at our normal time 7-8PM

Please sign up using the Ohlone Calendar as usual.

If there is no/low interest this class will be cancelled.  You will be notified via email.

Thank You

Halloween 2018 – Extra event added to Ohlone Calendar

Hi folks,

We’ll be doing something fun for Halloween on 10/27, so in order to make sure all the kids can attend we have added a second event to the Ohlone Calendar.

The “Ohlone JOAD Club” event is full.

Please reserve a spot using “Ohlone JOAD Club – Extra Spots.”  If you have any trouble please reach out to Coach Woody.

Anyone who has completed the one-on-one intro lesson with Coach Woody is eligible to attend.


Summer Event Updates

Hi Archers and Archery Families!

A few updates:

New Bows!

4 new ILF bows are on the way and should be ready for use by those who need them on Saturday June 16th.

The bows with a wooden riser are nice looking, but the ILF bows perform better and are more closely aligned with our mission to create high performance archers.


3D Shoot

Our first 3D shoot is coming this Saturday June 16th.  We still have a couple spots left for anyone who wants to join in.  Please register online as usual.

We will primarily be shooting dinosaurs and fish type targets.  There will be no hunting lingo used.


Wednesday Nights

We will be suspending the Wednesday night JOAD for the month of June.

Vacations have officially kicked in and everyone is super busy and spread out around the globe.

The next Wednesday event will be scheduled for July 11th at 7:00pm.  If any Wednesday event has 2 or fewer archers registered it will be cancelled for low attendance.


Thanks, as always, for your ongoing support!  See you soon!