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The Ohlone JOAD Club is both an official Junior Olympic Archery Development and Explore Archery program certified by USA Archery, our national governing body for the sport of archery.  The program was founded by Coach Woody Walters in October 2016 to spread his love of archery and address the under-served community seeking an archery experience that caters to youth.

Coach Woody Walters leads the club and all training sessions.  He is a USA Archery certified Level 3 Coach and is the current USA Archery JOAD Committee representative for the Western Region of the United States.  Coach Woody’s goal is to create an inclusive archery experience which is equally fun for all and challenging enough to nurture the gifted athlete.  Utilizing a cooperative instructional approach, he inspires confidence and a sense of accomplishment by creating a foundation in the National Training System (NTS)/KSL Shot Cycle, an understanding of the equipment, and encourages the setting and achievement of goals.

Get Started with the Club!

To get started with the club, all kids will participate in a one-on-one lesson with Coach Woody.  This lesson introduces the equipment, safety practices, and basic technique.  We shoot a lot of arrows and build the student’s skill throughout the lesson based on their ability.

This intro lesson is $65.

To schedule contact us at

The club meets every Thursday from 7pm-8pm, and every Saturday from 10am – 11am at Ohlone Archery in San Leandro, CA.

Your first visit to the club costs $25 for 1 hour of instruction and shooting. Further participation is available via purchase of a $125 pass which entitles you to 5 visits of participation. This is 5 visits total, not consecutive.  This cost includes the use of all necessary equipment and range time, plus fun targets and achievement awards. Coach Woody and his USA Archery certified helpers donate their time to the club.

Archers who have participated in 10 or more meeting are required to join USA Archery and indicate their membership with the Ohlone JOAD Club. Maintaining a certain number of USA Archery members within our club is critical in order to continue our standing as an official club of USA Archery. For the small fee archers become eligible for any USA Archery event, plus achievement awards, and other benefits. More information is available at the USA Archery website:

For archers who want to excel to higher levels of achievement Coach Woody also offers private lessons upon request.

Contact Coach Woody with questions about the club or lessons:
call/text (510)206-8715

Ohlone Archery is an amazing indoor range with targets up to 20 yards in depth, retail & repair services, lessons/coaching, and space for parents or friends to relax and observe. We encourage you to visit often!

Ohlone Archery is located at:

2301 Verna Court
San Leandro, CA 94577