Scheduling and No Shows

Hi JOAD Families!

I hate to reach out to you with negative or critical news, but this is a topic we cannot avoid:
Lately we have been having people sign up for the JOAD events on Saturday, but not show up.
As you all know, Saturday shoots are a hot commodity with us selling out every week.  We are turning away kids who want to shoot.
Effective immediately I am instituting a cancellation policy:
If you cannot make it to a Saturday JOAD event, you must cancel by 12:00 PM Friday.
This will give us enough time to open that spot up in the reservation system and allow someone else to book it.
If you cancel late or just plain no show, I will check off a visit on your range pass.  Your no show will turn into a donation to the JOAD Club which I will use to buy supplies and equipment.
If anyone wants to exchange contact information with some of the other families and attempt to proactively give them your spot at the last minute, I am totally fine with that.  Sometimes you don’t know that you have to cancel until the last minute. It’ll be kind of like calling out sick to work when we were kids.  Get someone to cover your shift – no harm, no foul.  In the event that you do this, do not cancel your reservation online.  Just send me an email or text message with a heads up and allow your peer’s child to show up in the place of your own.
If you would all like to create an Ohlone JOAD phone book to support this, I am happy to do that.  I have everyone’s contact info.
Thank You,
Coach Woody