Next Scoring Round is 8/26/17

Saturday, 8/26/17 the club will be holding our next scoring round.  Kids will shoot at 10 or 20 yards dependent on their current development level.  USA Archery pins will be awarded as earned.

Last month a bunch of pins were handed out.  We are anticipating another scoring round of personal bests.

New USA Archery Pins Awarded!

The July 22 pin shoot was a great success.  We awarded 8 new pins to our archers:

  • Clement scored a 194 at 10 yards for his first ever scoring round!  He received a 4 Star pin.
  • Colin scored a 191 at 10 yards for his first ever scoring round!  he received a 4 Star pin.
  • Lucas received a 4 Star pin as well for his latest effort.
  • Thel received 6 & 7 Start pins.
  • Amy received a 2 Star pin.
  • Ishan and Tanisha each received 3 Star pins.

The pins are provided by the club, lanyards for displaying them can be purchased through Coach Woody for $3 each.  Each lanyard states the type of archery the shooter participates in to let everyone know what type of archery he or she is working on and this methodology allows for archers to separate achievements by discipline if they choose to shoot a variety of styles (i.e. recurve vs compound)

Our next scoring round will take place on 8/26/17