Club Updates

Hi JOAD Families,

Some important changes and updates for the club:

My schedule is a bit tricky for the next month, please take note of the following dates:

6/3/17 – No JOAD Club – This is the weekend myself and many other Friends of Ohlone Archery will be supporting disabled veterans at the Valor Games.

6/24/17 – No JOAD Club – I will be working at the Archery World Cup in Salt Lake City. This is the only stop in America in 2017 for the International competition series. You can watch live on YouTube if your youngsters are interested in seeing the world’s best archers in action.

Effective this Saturday (5/27/17) I have decided to change the way you pay for participation in the club.

Rather than paying $100 for 5 consecutive weeks of instruction, we will now be selling a club pass:

$100 pass for 5 hours of instruction (no expiration)

This way your archers are sure to get the full 5 hours of shooting you pay for. If they have to take a week or two off, they will simply get those hours next time they participate. I will keep a binder with your passes in it and begin every session by checking off attendance. You can check in with me any time for a reminder on when the pass will expire.

The $20 drop in fee will only be available to first time participants. Once you have given it a try, the $100 pass is the way to participate.

Also of note, USA Archery now requires JOAD Clubs to have a certain amount of members who are also members of USA Archery in order to keep the club in good standing.

In order to adhere to this rule, any archer who has participated in 10 or more club meetings will be required to join USA Archery if they have not already done so.

A youth membership is $40. It is valid for 1 year and it allows your archer to participate in any official USA Archery event or program during this time. We will have 2 official USA Archery events during our JOAD Program at Ohlone Archery over the next year. There are other events in California and around the country your archer can participate in throughout the year.

Your membership will make your archer eligible for the scoring achievement awards I have shown you in the past and membership makes archers eligible to be nationally ranked and advance to the junior national teams. We definitely have some archers who are on a path to achieve at this level.

When you join, please be sure to locate Ohlone JOAD Club in the club affiliation option to indicate your membership and let me know you have done so.

You can join here:

Membership information is available here:

All of this info will be added to our website and I am available 24×7 to answer your questions or discuss in more detail.

Thank You!
Woody Walters

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